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Thinking For Business Success

Short, punchy episodes tackling a range of management and leadership topics, giving you 5 learning points and 3 practical takeaways you can put into practice straight away. Crucial for the ambitious individual, vital for high performing teams and powerful for successful organisations

By experienced Thinking Engineers at Go MAD Thinking

Nov 3, 2014

How clear are you as to what you want to achieve from each meeting you are involved in? Discover how to focus on what you want and how to make that happen.   

Oct 20, 2014

For real outcomes to be achieved in meetings you need the participation and buy-in of all involved. Gain insights into how to avoid running or attending meetings that are lack lustre and directionless.   

Apr 25, 2011

Consider how much time and money could be saved if meetings were run effectively. Build on the points from podcast 104 about preparing for meetings to explore tips on running meetings to make them worth attending.

Apr 11, 2011

How much of your time at work is taken up with meetings? Explore the essentials of preparing to ensure that the time spent in meetings is worthwhile.

Oct 4, 2010

Parallel thinking involves getting alongside others to see things from their point of view. Learn how to use parallel thinking skills in meetings, negotiations and other interactions with others.