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Thinking For Business Success

Short, punchy episodes tackling a range of management and leadership topics, giving you 5 learning points and 3 practical takeaways you can put into practice straight away. Crucial for the ambitious individual, vital for high performing teams and powerful for successful organisations

By experienced Thinking Engineers at Go MAD Thinking

Dec 29, 2014

Are you inclined to say ‘yes’ even if you don’t really want to? Discover how to decide when to say no and how to say it so that others respect your decision.  

Dec 15, 2014

Whatever your role, to move forward you will need to continually consider your development needs. Learn how to make this enjoyable, as well as effective, when thinking about developing yourself or others.  

Dec 1, 2014

How do you come across in your interactions with others? Listen in for ideas and insights on building effective relationships. 

Nov 17, 2014

The quality of your relationship with your direct manager can impact on how much you enjoy your time at work. Explore the importance of taking responsibility to take positive steps to keep things on track.  

Nov 3, 2014

How clear are you as to what you want to achieve from each meeting you are involved in? Discover how to focus on what you want and how to make that happen.